June 28, 2011

Free Resources Part 2: Financial Planning Online


The internet is a very valuable resource for a ton of things! And best of all, a lot of the information & products are FREE!  Each week, I'll be posting a list of Free Online Resources, with this week's free resource pertaining to free financial planning tips online.  
  • DaveRamsey.com:
    • Dave Ramsey's site offers multiple free resources you can use when you're trying to organize your financial life. We have personally used his online budgeting forms & information to help us become debt free!
    • On his site, you will find the following:
      • Tips on How To Get Out of Debt
      • 7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace
      • Free Budgeting Forms
      • Free Investing Calculators
      • Access to your credit score for FREE
      • Lists of financial planning iPhone & Android apps
      • and more!
  • Mint.com
    • This site takes your banking information and compiles a financial profile so you can easily keep track of your spending, saving and more. This site also gives advice on credit cards, such as getting a new credit card, negotiating lower interest rates, allocating your investment portfolio and other money matters. 

Come back next week where I'll be posting about getting copies of your credit report for free (with no strings attached)...

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