September 22, 2011

Facebook Changes & How They Affect Money, Marriage & Motherhood Fans

Facebook makes changes very often. Yesterday they issued a massive update that directly affects the fans of Money, Marriage & Motherhood. Facebook has decided which feeds it thinks you will like and it may not think you will like Money, Marriage & Motherhood posts, even though you have already liked the page.

In order to fix your newsfeed and show what you actually want to see, there are a few things you can do:

  • First, scroll down your wall until you find a post by Money, Marriage & Motherhood (or another page you like or your friends, etc) and click the drop down arrow located in the upper right corner of the post. It should look like this:

  • You will need to select “Mark as Top Story” so that you will see the new deals that are posted on the Money, Marriage & Motherhood Facebook wall.

Second, they have introduced a new list feature. This is in direct competition with the new Google+ group pages, and it will now allow you to group select pages and friends into certain categories.

Here’s how:
  • On your home screen, click on lists on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on “Create a List.”
  • Choose the name you want, but keep it nice because people will be notified when they are put on a list (ex. you could make one called Bargain Blogs).
  • Now you can add friends, pages or subscriptions to your list. Just select where you want to add from in that drop down menu on the top left.
    • Regarding Subscribtions:
      • People who aren’t your friends can now subscribe to your Public Facebook Profile updates. To set this up, go to your profile and click on “Subscriptions” on the left side of your screen. You can choose to be notified when people subscribe or not. I preferably like less email, so I chose to not be notified.
  • Once you have finished a list, you can go to your lists menu and favorite certain lists so that they show up under your “Favorites”.
  • Click on your new list under “Favorites” or “Lists,” and you will see only updates from pages and people you have added there.
By doing this, you can create a list of your favorite bargain blogs that you follow to make sure you never miss a deal!

I hope that covers it all!

Thanks for the tutorial, Savvy Blogging!

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