September 29, 2011

Fall Snack Option: Apple Nachos

Here's my first Fall Snack Option of the season & it is definitely one to try!  It’s a twist on nachos using apples instead of tortilla chips. The twist doesn’t stop there. Then those apples get covered in caramel, nuts and mini chocolate chips. The recipe is one that is adapted from one found in Taste of Home .  It's a healthy (and delicous) way to welcome in the season!

Apple Nachos

  • 30 large marshmallows
  • 1/3 cup butter, cubed
  • 1/4 cup caramel apple dip
  • 4 medium tart apples, cored and cut into 1/4-inch slices
  • 1/3 cup nut topping (the kind with the ice cram toppings) or chopped dry roasted peanuts
  • 1/3 cup miniature semisweet chocolate chips
  1. In a large saucepan, melt marshmallows and butter.
  2. Arrange apple slices on a large platter. Place caramel dip into a quart sized zipper bag. Snip off one corner with some scissors and drizzle caramel over the apples.
  3. Then drizzle with the marshmallow mixture. Sprinkle with nut topping and chocolate chips. Serve immediately.
This gives everyone a taste of something sweet without eating a brownie or a calorie-laden slice of cake! 


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