November 25, 2011

ING Direct: Easy $107 Cash Bonus When You Open An Electric Orange Checking Account!

From 11/25-11/27, ING Direct (an online bank with considerably higher interest rates than traditional banks) is having some great Black Friday promotions!  One of my favorites promotions is regarding their checking account.  They are offering a $107 bonus when you open an Electric Orange checking account.

How To Get This $107 Bonus:
  • Go here and click on 'Apply Now'
  • Open an ING Direct Electric Orange Account.
    • There is no minimum to open the account, but you will want to put in at least enough to make at least your first 5 purchases.
  • Within the first 45 days of having the account you will need to use your Debit Card to make (5) purchases (signature or pin).
  • Your $107 bonus will be deposited on day 50 and ready to withdrawal!
You can also choose from the following bonuses (11/25-11/27):


Thanks, Kristin!

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