July 21, 2011

Free Resources Part 4: Free Ringtones

The internet is a very valuable resource for a ton of things!  And best of all, a lot of the information & resources are free!  In this series, I'm posting some of the Free Online Resources available.

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Today I thought about getting a new ringtone for my cell, but when I realized it was going to cost $2.99, I decided not to.  Of course, I'd love to change my ringtone every month, but that's just one more cost that we really don't need.  Because let's be honest..our cell phone bill is already high enough!

I wondered, though, if there are any sites out there offering FREE ringtones & I was happy to find there are...here are 3 free sites I found:
With each of these sites, you simply choose your carrier in order to download your chosen ringtone.

All three sites plainly advertise to be completely free, with no risks, contracts or hidden fees, as long as you download the ringtone directly from their sites & do not participate in an advertisement's offer.


**Make sure you come back next week to find more free online resources!**

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